Windows Vista Installation

If running Windows Vista on your computer with User Account Control activated, you will encounter the following error message when you attempt to activate Infopay, following installation.

Simply carry out the following steps to overcome this problem.
Step 1.- Right click on the Infopay icon on your desktop to open the below menu and select Properties

Step 2. - When the window opens, select the Compatibility tab
Step.3 - On the compatibility tab there is a tick box to enable the user to run the program compatibly with an older version of Windows. Click in the box and from the dropdown menu select ‘Windows XP (Service Pack 2).

tn the bottom part of the window under Privilege Level there is another tick box option to run the program as an administrator. If you have the facility to click this box also, please do so. Click "Apply" to the changes and exit the window.

Step 4. - Return to the desktop and double click the Infopay icon again to run the program. You should now encounter the following window through which you can register your version of Infopay or run it in Demo Mode for the trial period.

N.B. If you are installing and running a number of different versions of Infopay, then the above procedure will need to be completed seperately for each version.